2021 – der s.wert Jahresrückblick

2021 - the s.wert annual review

January: The year begins in lockdown, our store on Brunnenstrasse is closed, Berlin is at a standstill. We are retiring and using the time for new designs and improvements to the online shop.

February: The lockdown is followed by the flockdown and the lockdown extension. Berlin is frozen in cold. We start drawing on the new calendar for 2022 and are happy that mugs with new motifs are arriving.

March: There is now a new shopping format – it's called Click and Meet. The first encounter with people feels unfamiliar for both sides. The first prints from the Black Forest collection arrive.
April: The book “Berlin Guide for Instgrammers” is published. In her Berlin guide , Silvie Bonne shows 100 Instagrammable places. She also paid us a visit and says: “This shop is the perfect source of inspiration to explore Berlin in a visual way. Once you have seen the s.wert illustrations, you will recognize the Berlin lines and shapes everywhere you go.” Great book – but the Berlin visitors stay away.
May: In mid-May we put the postcard stand in front of the door for the first time. It could be that people are out and about with daily negative tests. You need it for shopping. In our neighborhood there is a test station every 50 meters. Our products are now also available in the Dussmann department store and the new minimal collection with the Ludwig, Walter and Emil mugs has arrived.
June: It is finally possible again to come to the store without a test and appointment. We are as happy as Bolle. Temperatures are rising, Berlin is waking up. We now have XL bath towels in our range and are testing them while sailing on the Wannsee.
July: It's summer and the hunt for vaccination dates begins. Our entire team is vaccinated at the end of the month. The s.wert products can be found in selected shops in various Berlin districts. There are s.wert at the book arch on Savignyplatz , at Modulor on Moritzplatz, in Bergmannstrasse near Weilensee , in the Bötzowviertel in the art_school , in Charlottenburg at Esther Thomas and in Steglitz in the Berlin picture center .
August: The summer is hot – at least for us at the printing press and in shipping. We now also count the Berlin television tower and the Humboldt Forum among our customers and have our hands full. Our new shirt collection runs under the motto Love, Peace and Ice Cream.
September: We feel the effects of supply bottlenecks. The tea towels ordered in the summer or the fabric do not come. Due to Corona, the weaving mill in Italy is closed, so that the printer in Germany has no material to print on. We try another fabric - unfortunately that doesn't work at all - the quality doesn't appeal to us. So we don't have tea towels now, despite everyone asking for them.
October: s.wert goes to Switzerland – we have found great partners in Basel in Jobfactory and Printhouse , who produce and sell our graphics in Switzerland. So much can be revealed at this point: in 2022 much more will happen in this direction.
November: Our team continues to grow – there are now five of us. But the Corona numbers are also rising again, and the 2G rule in retail is being introduced. We welcome that because it makes us feel better. The fabric for the tea towels ordered in the summer has finally been printed. Now the sewing in Germany is at its limit, since we are not the only producers with delivery delays. We send the fabric to Slovakia, where the Corona numbers are exploding - despite all the difficulties, the tea towels still get to us on time. Oof!
December: The s.wert calendar is already sold out at the beginning of the month. According to an article in the Berlin city magazine TIP, the same fate befell the mugs Ludwig , Walter and Emil . Our motifs adorn the Circus Hotel on Rosenthaler Platz and the Goethe Institute is giving away a gift designed by s.wert. We have already defined the theme for the next calendar and are full of ideas for next year.
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