BYE BYE TXL Kollektion

BYE BYE TXL collection

It will soon be time to say goodbye to TXL Airport, because BER is scheduled to open later this year, nine years late. The announced closure on June 15 is off the table for the time being, but it is clear to everyone that Tegel Airport's days are numbered. That's why we thought about it and designed Tegel souvenirs. Bags, shirts, mugs and posters make it easy to reminisce about the airport.

In contrast to BER, Tegel Airport opened on time in 1974 and even undercut the calculated construction costs. Incidentally, both airports were designed by the same architects: Gerkan, Marg and Partners. The then newly qualified architects won the competition for the new West Berlin airport with the concept of the hexagon and the idea of ​​the “drive-in airport”. And indeed - at Tegel Airport you can see hexagons wherever you look - the legendary Terminal A is one, but the hexagon also appears in the form of stair towers, as a ceiling construction or as a joint pattern.

The hexagon also plays a role in our TXL souvenir collection. There are cups with the typical shape and the Tegel cotton bag with hexagon makes a nice statement for Tegel Airport. You only realize that it is a Tegel souvenir at second glance, which makes it particularly attractive.

The motif looks particularly cool on the Tegel shirts. We print the Tegel shirts and bags in our studio in Berlin Mitte.

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