München Poster mit Blick von der Hackerbrücke im Sonnenuntergang

I like you! Munich posters and postcards

Colorful and minimalistic posters with Munich motifs

Munich, the largest village in Germany. Some people claim that the state capital of Bavaria is the northernmost city in Italy. A tour of the city where the chic was born is now available in the form of colorful prints. There are 13 poster motifs to choose from, minimalist and colourful, with a focus on the architecture of the Munich districts.

Munich Poster with a view of the Olympic Stadium

The Munich posters from s.wert offer a new perspective on well-known highlights of the city. But they also show one or the other corner that only insiders know and love. The posters are available in four different sizes and the pictures are also available as postcards. We only produce what is ordered. The environment is happy!

Munich Poster Hackerbrücke – available in different sizes

Nobody in Munich questions the fact that beer is a staple food. This fact is confirmed every year in October on the Theresienwiese. The Theresienwiese poster is a must for lovers of the most beautiful folk festival in the world . Finally a picture of the Theresienwiese that grandma can see too. O'zapft is!

Poster Theresienwiese with Ferris wheel

The Isar belongs to Munich like the white and blue tablecloth in the tavern. Romantic panoramas and bright colors make the Isarblick poster a coveted piece for those in love with Munich. When cycling, strolling or swimming on the banks of the Isar, you can almost forget you are in Germany's third largest city.

With the Fuchsbau poster and the Pharaoh's house poster, iconic buildings and the architecture of the 70s get their place in the limelight.

Both residential buildings and both located in Schwabing, they heralded a new era for Munich 50 years ago. Today they are landmarks that can be seen on far too few postcards. Finally the brutalist icons of s.wert got the homage they deserve. After all, the Fuchsbau and the Pharaoh-Haus belong to Munich like the Gärtnerplatz and the Marienplatz. Incidentally, there is also a colorful, minimalist poster version of the latter two by s.wert.

There is a bike tour of Munich's brutalist buildings at this link.

Brutalism in Munich: Pharaoh House

Conclusion: The s.wert design team brings the essence of the city of Munich to the wall with the Munich poster collection. Aesthetic images where less is more. The motifs Theresienwiese, Hackerbrücke or Münchner Freiheit are a cool souvenir as a postcard version and an original gift from Munich as a poster.

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