Kalender Messe Berlin 2019

Calendar Messe Berlin 2019

The good news first: We designed a graphic calendar for Messe Berlin that shows well-known and lesser-known buildings on the exhibition grounds under the radio tower. The exhibition center stands for over 100 years of building history, which is as diverse and constantly changing as the city of Berlin.

The year 2019 begins with the hub27 Berlin construction site. The building by Hascher Jehle Architects is being created in cooperation with Goldberg Nordost and is scheduled for completion in spring 2019.

In February you can see the rotunda (Hall 13) designed by the architect Richard Ermisch. The rotunda is part of the extensive construction work on the exhibition grounds from 1935-1937.

With its 1950s ambience, the Palais am Funkturm is a popular location for film shoots, congresses and events. It was built in 1956/57 by the architect Bruno Grimmek, who also designed the Amerika Haus on Hardenbergstrasse. The graphic in March shows an exterior view of the listed building.

In April, the self-dancing steel sculpture “Looping” by the artist Ursula Sax (1992) can be seen, with Heinrich Straumer's radio tower built in 1926 in the background. The construction of the Berlin landmark began in 1924 as part of the "Great German Radio Exhibition".

An interior representation of the imposing "Messe Süd entrance" by OMUngers can be seen on the June sheet. With his architecture based on geometric design principles, the architect OMUngers shaped the expansion of the trade fair after reunification.

Bruno Grimmek's Marshall House can be seen in July. During the Second World War, the exhibition buildings from the 1920s were damaged or destroyed. The "Marshall House" financed by the USA was completed for the first "German Industrial Exhibition" in 1950.

And finally the bad news. The calendar is not available for purchase.

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