Moderne Schwarzwald Poster von Baden Baden bis Titisee

Modern Black Forest posters from Baden Baden to Titisee

When was the last time you travelled? We use the lockdown time to create new motifs and move visually. The idea of ​​designing travel posters came up a while ago. Now it's finally time to create them. We started with the Black Forest, because there is a strong personal connection to this region.

There are several atmospheric Freiburg posters. One of them shows the popular blue Wiwilibrücke with the Herz-Jesu-Kirche in the background. A beautiful declaration of love to the warmest city in Germany. For fans of winter wonderland, the bridge motif is available as a winter edition in delicate pastel tones.

The Freiburg sunset city poster shows the Freiburg skyline with Münster at the most beautiful sunset. Framed in a large, elegant aluminum frame with a narrow profile, it adorns every home office workplace. But the Freiburg poster also unfolds its charm in the small Din A3 format. The small size is perfect as a gift.
In addition to the Minster in the heart of Freiburg, we also illustrated a lesser-known landmark. The decommissioned Betzenhausen gas ball in the west of Freiburg. What will happen to the industrial monument is not yet clear. A citizens' association is committed to new usage concepts.

Also in the west of Freiburg is the Seepark. The Seepark poster scores with fresh colors.

The Titisee Poster shows the well-known Black Forest lake in a blaze of South Pacific colour. The typical Black Forest geraniums shine and the butterflies flutter through the air.

On the Baden Baden poster, the spa town shows itself in the most beautiful splendor of roses.

The Schluchsee Poster and the St. Blasien Poster illustrate the mystical and romantic side of the Black Forest with pastel tones and awaken the desire to explore the Black Forest. »Hiking, yes hiking is my passion« is what it says in the poems of Joseph von Eichendorff.

The term wanderlust describes the desire to hike, the urge to explore nature through hiking. The romantic term was also adopted in English and stands for wanderlust there. We have several Black Forest Wanderlust posters in our range: Feldberg, Ellbachseeblick and Southern Black Forest.

The highest peak in the Black Forest – the Feldberg as a poster. The modern Black Forest poster makes you want to hike, forest and mountain air. Just wanderlust.

The Black Forest poster Ellbachseeblick shows the viewing platform near Baiersbronn, which opened in 2013. A red kite hovers over the Black Forest landscape. The southern Black Forest poster shows a winter wonderland landscape.

Conclusion: The modern Black Forest posters from s.wert are available in various sizes. With a frame, passe-partout or poster strip, it is very easy to design your own home beautifully and individually. The motifs inspire nature lovers and connoisseurs of modern graphic art alike. That is why the small formats are very popular as gifts.

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